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QkNotes Testimonials

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➞ I just purchased again,third year in a row So far so good! Cindy Potocki Barr, FL Waiver Support Coordinator

➞ I had 8 employees that didn't write proper notes all year. I didn't know there was a certain way to do notes. I got a newsletter email from you about the documentation requirements for Delmarva and realized that we were in trouble. My employees had written notes on napkins, scrap papers, backs of receipts, and some were in Spanish. Your information made me realize that would not be acceptable. My team was able to recreate all of our notes for the entire year in less than a week. We passed our review. Miami Provider

➞ I have to say the WSC quick notes CD is WORTH it to try. I am diggin' it totally. Whoever came up with this needs a gold medal. It's been out for a couple of months, but I have only done my first case note with it because I was a bit hesitant. When I'm wrong, I have no problem admitting that I am. I was WRONG about this. LOVE THIS completely! Kathy Leigh-Wojcik, FL WSC

➞ Thank you so much for the CD!! I've been playing around with it and can't wait to get started. Just wanted to make a suggestion. It would be nice if there was a way to create a note that says "Mailed a copy of cost plan". Right now, I have to put something in the "visit" section to generate a note. So if I send a copy of the support plan, cost plan, etc.... on a day that I didn't do a visit, I can't make a note. This suggestion is in all due respect, however!! I'm thrilled with this program and was pleasantly surprised that it adds to what I write in there. Awesome! Thanks again, Marisa A, WSC
(Her update request was included in WSC 2014 QkNotes. We added an entire "Administrative" section and also provided a "Non billable" option for times that you are only documenting administrative duties.)

➞ I know how much time it takes to develop new ways to make things better and sometimes with all the time spent developing new things and ways, they still do not meet the exact need necessary. So I would like to take this time to say thank you for all the hard work you put in to develop this very helpful tool to help providers. I think you covered all bases until they develop new ones as they usually do. However, thank you for helping providers do a better job in meeting requirements. Thank you and have a nice day! Carrie G, Provider

➞ I have been doing case management since 1993 and I LOVE THIS PROGRAM!!!!!!! I don't have to think as hard :-D LYNETTE WEEKS, WSC

➞ I really like the program. Will begin using it this month. Thank you! Ashley N, WSC

➞ Thanks again for the quick notes; love it! Vivienne H, WSC

➞ Thanks! I love it! LH, WSC

➞ I bought the casenotes and love them. Have you come out with a new version? Deb P

➞ Address to send money? Paypal? Serve? A meeting where I can pick it up? I want it NOW! Ben, WSC

➞ Love the note Aaron! Can't wait! I get so tired of trying to reinvent the wheel to Delmarva's expectations it would be wonderful if there was a basic standard note covering everything that everyone's uses! FL WSC

➞ Well thank God above that someone understands we providers have many more things to do then rewrite every day /just what we rewrote the day before/ times 365 days a year. Enough of giving care givers writer's cramp. I'm totally. committed to my clients. I'll take the very best care of them no matter what. This program you offer to aid us in paper work is much help. Thanks for coming up with some help for this nonstop paper work!! Donna, Provider

➞ I can't wait to get the new program with CDC+. I've loved every program I've gotten so far. Gwendolyn Ings-Brown, FL Waiver Support Coordinator

➞ This has helped me get my notes done in half the time, at least! Michelle Ruffner, FL Waiver Support Coordinator

➞ I am currently using it. It makes documentation much easier. I was not sure who created the Quick Notes Program, but good job on that one. Thanks. Peggy Johnson. FL Provider

➞ I purchased the Qknotes (love them) but bought a laptop without a DVD drive. Can I get it on a flash drive? Thanks. Debbie Stone, LCSW
(We are now able to distribute the program by CD or Flash Drive. This helps our tablet and notebook users. )

➞ Hi Aaron! After posting on Facebook how helpful the SC Basic Notes are, a friend of mine in New Orleans asked if I would share them with her. Can you please let me know how I can purchase another copy to send to her? Thanks! Carla Steinmann

➞ A very nice program! There are a few modifications that would be nice for the next release, but overall I recommend it to all WSCs! How can I get another copy? My 5 year old computer does not like the VPN/i-Budget situation, so I have decided to get a new computer. I would really like to be able to continue to us the WSC Quick Notes program. I am willing to purchase it, it is well worth it. Thank you. Ann Sliney, WSC

➞ Well I have 4 group homes. This Case notes grogram works good for me and my staff. I guess I have to say it saved me big time. One review at 55% then using it the next one was 100%. I have a good staff but they are not good at case notes. This fixed that for me. After all at $135.00 per program how can you go wrong? It's not like they haven't been around forever. FL Provider

➞ I had my Delmarva review in June, and scored 97 percent. The program helped me so much and made everything a breeze. I'm very happy with the program. Sally A, FL Provider

➞ I am using my QkNotes software significantly, and I really like it. The state should offer you a contract so that all providers can have access to a uniform software program and stop the guessing game. Norman S, FL SLC and Personal Supports provider

➞ I can't live without my Quick Notes program. I can't be without my Quick Notes program. In this day and age, with everything so computerized, everyone needs to use quicknotes. David Marshall, FL provider

5 stars - "bestRating" Thanks so much for my program for providers; it is awesome and saves so much time. You all Rock!

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